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Irrigation Treatment to Prevent Ugly Rust Stains

RustShield™ DRY Chemical Sequestering system encapsulates the iron molecule so oxygen cannot convert it to ugly rust stains, therefore shielding and preventing stains before they cover your curbs, walks, siding, plants and driveway.  

WATER DOCTORS RustShield™ system is very simple and inexpensive to operate compared to the liquid chemical feed systems. The granular concentration of our chemical lasts 3 times longer than liquid preventers at 1/2 the cost. 

With easy installation and injection in the irrigation feed line in the basement, the system is designed to work with all lawn sprinkler systems. 

WATER DOCTORS RustShield™ products are a family of "chelating" chemicals. Each is specific to certain well water conditions and applications. These chelating chemicals have in common that if they can attach themselves to the ferrous iron in the well water before it meets oxygen at the sprinkler head, the iron will sequester or bind up so that it will not combine with oxygen. In effect, we “Shield” the iron from contact with oxygen. Water Doctors offers a 1-year performance guarantee as long as the well has been chlorinated and is free of iron bacteria or sulfate reducing bacteria. 

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