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Every industry deals with counterfeit, inauthentic, and replica products designed to appear legitimate to the untrained eye. These shadow products are lesser quality, cheaply made, and are produced through unethical and frequently illegal means.

From the Benjamin Franklins in your wallet to the Gucci handbag on your shoulder, there are dozens of items you likely use every day which are considered prime targets for copy-cats hoping to make a quick buck off of another company’s more prestigious reputation. What you probably didn’t know until now is that knock-off artists have recently been targeting your water treatment appliances including softeners, filters, and drinking water purifiers.

Water Doctors strategic partner Pentair has been ahead of the curve in identifying the inauthentic replicas. In March 2010, Pentair updated their policies regarding these knock-offs to combat the uptick in products “marketed to intentionally confuse the market channel about the origin of the product.” In a continuation of these efforts, Pentair recently created a new security feature to protect customers by helping them distinguish between genuine Pentair products and low quality counterfeits.

Recently, a Pentair-branded holographic label began appearing on valves for select water softeners and filtration systems.  Many of Water Doctors highest quality products feature valves manufactured through a partnership with Pentair.  We support and applaud their efforts to protect customers, and Water Doctors customers can expect to see the new label (pictured above) on systems like the Pro Logic and Aqua Logic water softeners in the coming months.

With detailed vigilance and a commitment to providing customers with the quality they deserve, Water Doctors will continue to make whatever changes are necessary to prevent scam artists from selling illegitimate products through unethical means.