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Water softening in Minnesota is not something that can be ignored by homeowners. With our high iron content in Minnesota we have specific, high demand water softening needs. Water Doctors designs custom-engineered water softening systems to meet the specific needs for your area of Minnesota.

 How to Know If You Have Hard Water

Some of the most telling signs of your need for water softening show up with soap in your laundry and showers and with stains on your fixtures and dishes. Aside from a distinct metallic smell or taste, you may notice some of the following: 

  • dishes stained with spots and soap scum
  • water fixtures with build up of minerals (issues like orange stains in your toilet)
  • soap that won’t lather well or rinse off completely
  • dingy, scratchy laundry
  • build up of scale deposits in your plumbing
  • skin conditions like eczema and hair that is dry and frizzy

How a Water Softening System Works

Water softening works by ion exchange. Ion exchange refers to the process where calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water. All the water flowing into your house passes through a media tank full of beads. These beads collect the calcium and magnesium ions before they enter your home's various water supplies. Later, when your water softening system isn't being used (like in the middle of the night), the water softener cleans the tank, and those media that were used to remove the calcium and magnesium ions are ready for another cleaning cycle of hard water. 

Components of a water softening system

Backwashing: Cleaning the silica media (the beads in the media tank) of any sediment or build up.

Brine Cycle: Brine, which is made when the water softening salt in the brine tank is touching the water that is pumped into the media tank. This washes those media of all the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. It flushes those calcium and magnesium ions down your home's drain.

Rinse: Water is then pumped through the media tank again to remove all the brine from the media before the tank fills again with more hard water that will be treated with the softening process.

Water Doctors Custom-Engineered Water Softening Systems

Since Minnesota water is some of the hardest water in the country, water softening systems have a significant demand placed on them. Minnesota's rich resources of iron ore are one practical explanation for the significantly high water hardness numbers. But throughout the state, water hardness levels vary and present significant challenges to home owners. A custom-engineered water softening system from Water Doctors provides water softening that's specifically engineered for your water, whether in the suburbs or on the iron range. 

Water Doctors is the leading water treatment and water softening expert in Minnesota, providing industry leadership for more than 30 years. If you would like a free water analysis to check the hardness of your water, let us know. We can help you find the best water softening solution for your needs. 

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