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Pro Logic High Efficiency Water Softener

Pro Logic water softener with LED control valve display next to a brine tank

pro logic

With a life expectancy of nearly a quarter century, the Pro Logictm Water Softener will use its patented microprocessor to save your family money for years to come.

Pro Logic Water Softener

SyncTech Twin Tank Water Softener

close up of the top of a twin tank water softener with LCD valve

synctech full

In a class by itself, Water Doctors SyncTech™ is engineered for the most demanding residential needs and for light commercial needs.

SyncTech Water Softener

Aqua Logic High Efficiency Water Softener

Aqua Logic Water Softener and brine tank with an LCD display from Water Doctors

aqua logic

Featuring 80% efficiency and a 10 year warranty on both tanks, the Aqua Logicä is a great value for small and medium sized homes.

Aqua Logic Water Softener

Budget Tech Medium Efficiency Water Softener

Budget Tech water softener and brine tank two-in-one cabinet model from Water Doctors

budget tech image3.21.19

Designed for budget minded consumers, our Value Line™ Water Softeners provides the benefits of soft water without sacrificing Water Doctors guaranteed quality.

Budget Tech Water Softener