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Minnesota is known for its hard water, and each area of Minnesota has specific water softening needs. With stains forming on dishes and bathtubs, laundry becoming worn, and skin getting itchy, hard water can be a nuisance. With appliances like water heaters running inefficiently and household plumbing building up with scales, hard water can be expensive. 

That is why Water Doctors offers custom-engineered water softeners to meet the demands of the high iron content of Minnesota’s groundwater. 

How Water Softeners Work

A water softener works by a process of ion exchange. Ion exchange refers to the process where calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water. All the water flowing into your house passes through a media tank full of beads. These beads collect the calcium and magnesium ions before they enter your home's various water supplies. Later, when your water softener isn't being used (like in the middle of the night), the water softener cleans the tank, and those media that were used to remove the calcium and magnesium ions are ready for another cleaning cycle of hard water. 

Backwashing: Cleaning the silica media (the beads) of any sediment or build up. 

Brine Cycle: Brine is made when the water softening salt in the brine tank is touching the water that's pumped into the media tank. This washes those media of all the calcium and magnesium ions that they are designed to extract from the water and flushes them down your home's drain. 

Rinse: Water is then pumped through the media tank again to remove all the brine from the media before the tank fills with more hard water to be treated by the water softener.

Unique demands of MN Water Softeners

Why are custom-engineered water softeners necessary? 

Water Softeners in Minnesota have a significant demand placed on them. Minnesota, after all, is known as one of a few places in the country with noticeably hard water. Minnesota's rich resources of iron ore are one practical explanation for the significantly high water hardness numbers. But throughout the state, water hardness levels vary and present significant challenges to home owners. As a solution, a water softener should be customized for the size of your home and hardness of your water. 

Water Doctors: Custom-Engineered Water Softeners

Water Doctors is the leading water treatment and water softening expert of Minnesota, providing industry leadership for more than 30 years. If you would like a free water analysis to check the hardness of your water, let us know. We can also help you find the best water softening solution for your needs. 

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