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Professional Classic PlusTM Induced Draft is a compact, energy saving 29-gallon gas water heater that outperforms standard 50-gallon models



  • .70 EF
  • ENERGY STAR® rated
  • Well insulated for reduced stand-by heat loss


  • 29-gallon capacity with 90-gallon FHR performance
  • Recovery rate of 61 gPH at 90 degree rise, exceeds standard 50-gallon by up to 49%

Compact Size

  • Small foot print, 17-3/4 inch diameter
  • Fast one-man installation, compact and light weight

Self-Diagnostic System

  • Integrated self-diagnostic system control for easy installation and service

Low Emissions

  • Eco-friendly burner, low nOx design
  • Meets 40 ng/J nOx requirements


  • 110 VaC draft inducer (includes 8-foot cord with 3-prong plug)
  • Standard atmospheric Category I, double-wall, B-vent, 3" or 4" (4" adaptor included)

What is a Fan Assisted Draft Inducer?

Standard gas water heaters produce extremely hot air during combustion, which moves the combustion gases quickly up the chimney. the Xr90 is much more efficient (i.e. it puts more heat in the water and less heat up the chimney).

A proprietary baffle and flue design retains the heat longer, therefore a device is needed to propel the air and gases upward.

Fan assisted draft inducer creates the proper draft to expel the combustion gases.

Guardian SystemTM & Sensor

  • Exclusive air/fuel shut-off device for double protection
  • Maintenance free – no filter to clean
  • Protective control system that disables the heater in the presence of flammable vapor accumulation
  • Maintenance Free

Longer Life

  • Rheem exclusive R-Tech (resistored) anode rod provides long-lasting tank protection

High Altitude Compliant

  • Certified for applications up to 7,700 feet above sea level


  • Dual certified for both potable water and space heating
  • Enhanced-flow brass drain valve
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Low lead compliant
  • EverKleenTM patented system fights sediment build-up
  • Standard replacement parts


  • 8-year limited tank and parts warranty


  • 29-Gallon Capacity
  • 60,000 Btu/h
  • Natural Gas


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