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A twin-tank dechemilizer system and brine tank from Water Doctors, which can target chlorine, acidity, turbidity, and more

Water Doctors Dechemilizertm Series is designed to eliminate the most frustrating water issues. Each filter is fully customized to provide the necessary solution to your specific water problem and features adjustable cycles to increase operating efficiency. An electronic control and LCD display make the Filtration Systems easy-to-use and adaptable to individual needs. Additional options include an insulated tank jacket to reduce condensation and a bypass valve to increase ease of use and installation.

Filter categories

Taste and Odor Filter

Eliminates unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine or organic substances such as decayed vegetation and run-off by absorbing them with high-quality activated carbon.

Turbidity Filter

Removes suspended particulate matter such as clay and silt which give water a cloudy, opaque appearance by trapping them in the carefully designed filter bed.

Neutralizing Filter

The neutralizing filter contains a special media which raises the pH of acidic water, neutralizing its corrosive effect on pipes and plumbing fixtures as well as facilitating the removal of iron and manganese.


Each filter category comes in a variety of sizes and flow rates based on your individual needs. Contact Water Doctors or download the complete specifications for more information.


button link Download the Dechemilizer Series PDF