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Meet the Member – Joey

Becoming a Master Water Conditioning Technician is not something that just happens overnight, it takes dedicated hours, training, testing and a passion for water treatment work. We are fortunate to have Joey who is a Master Water Conditioning Technician a part of the Water Doctors team and our next Meet the Member in our Series.

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Meet the Member – Stefanie

Routing or optimizing routes is a critical process for creating reliable and cost effectiveness within a portion of a business structure. This job is suited for someone who likes “doing a giant puzzle daily” according to Stef. We are pleased to introduce the next person in our Meet the Member series, Stef!

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Meet the Member – Matt

To say Matt has seen it all when it comes to plumbing is a true statement. Matt has seen it all!

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Meet the Member – Kirsten

Having a job in the trades doesn’t always lend itself to being glamorous, but that doesn’t intimidate Kirsten, who is the next Member in our Meet the Member series.

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Meet the Member – Ryan

From the minute you meet Ryan, you feel completely at ease. When Ryan came in for his interview, we knew we wanted him to be a part of the team. He is warm, welcoming, caring and always willing to lend a hand to genuinely teach or offer his advice.

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Meet the Member – Katy Cashman

Resilient, tech-savvy and committed. These are the words that come to mind when describing Katy Cashman, our second generation of the Water Doctors family!

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Meet the Member–Laurie Hoey

Did you see the first member Bob Hoey in our Meet the Member series? If not, read it here

Well, our third member is Laurie Hoey, she is the yin to the yang of Bob Hoey. 

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Meet the Member–Rick Teske

Meet our fourth member Rick Teske. When it comes to big jobs or complex troubleshooting, Rick is the guy!

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The Importance of Maintaining Water Treatment Systems

Have a foul smell in your water? Your Reverse Osmosis system have low water pressure? Worse yet, are you getting iron staining throughout the house? When was the last time your water treatment system(s) were maintained?

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Meet the Member–Denis Graur

At Water Doctors all our products are custom engineered and built specifically for each individual client. 

Meet Denis our second member in our Meet the Member Series. 

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Meet the Member–Bob Hoey

We are pleased to introduce the first member of our Meet the Member series!

Raw Raw he’s the man…

The president and owner, the glue to the company, the funny man in the corner office, Bob Hoey! 

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Why Reverse Osmosis?

Be the filter or buy a filter? That is the question! 

In today’s world people seem to be more aware and conscious of what they are putting into their body or on their skin. People are investing in the latest or expensive skin care products, and subscribing to in-home fitness programs. But water filtration might not be seen as a priority or worth the investment. 

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The Fallout of Forever Chemicals in Woodbury Minnesota

In the early 2000’s, 3M stopped production of PFAS chemicals, also known as “Forever Chemicals.” These toxins, used by 3M since the early 1950’s, were manufactured for products such as stain repellents and nonstick cookware. They are durable and useful for a variety of purposes. They also do not break down in the environment or in the human body.

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Water Doctors: A New Year and More to Come from Water Doctors

Hi All! Happy New Year!

We at Water Doctors Water Treatment Company are so excited for 2020. We have so many great events, tips and ideas that we are working on for this next year.

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Honoring our community: World Habitat Day

The United Nations declared the first Monday of October as World Habitat Day over 30 years ago. It also announced the access to clean water and sanitation as a human right back in 2010. That makes right now the perfect time for us to act within our local communities while thinking globally. In honor of World Habitat Day, Water Doctors staff had the pleasure of volunteering with the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce Weed It & Reap Community Clean-Up Event.

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Are We Drowning in Contamination?!

Say it isn’t so! There has been an explosion of water concerns in the news. It appears that our clean water supply is diminishing daily. This summer alone, there has been continuous coverage on global warming and increasing water temperatures that may be causing flesh-eating bacteria across multiple states.

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What’s Worse, My Water or My Cooking?

Well this is outstanding, it’s back to school time! For many parents, this means a notoriously long list of school supplies, but it also means the joys of more family dinners, the packing of school lunches and snacks for picky eaters, and we cannot forget those yearly bake sales where all hands are on deck.

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How Much Water Should YOU Be Drinking?

It seems that no matter who you ask, you'll always get a different answer. The experts used to say 8 glasses a day. Then they changed their standard because every person is different, and so person's needs are different. But the challenge to drink more clean, healthy, purified water is still one worth taking on.

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Radium in Spring Lake Park

Risks in the Water for Spring Lake Park

Residents of Spring Lake Park, MN should have their water tested for excess amounts of radium. Radium occurs naturally from runoff, soil, rock, and groundwater sources. When ingested, 80% of it is naturally expelled through digestion, while the remainder remains in the body. Last summer, the Department of Health indicated that one of the municipality’s primary water sources contained toxic levels of the radioactive material, which, over time, can cause anemia, cataracts, fractured teeth, cancer (primarily bone cancer), and ultimately death. The city has adjusted treatment schedules and flushed water reservoirs in order to remove contaminants and is working closely with state health officials to remedy the problem. 

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Water Quality Issues in Minnesota's Schools

The state of Minnesota has passed a new law requiring schools to approve a lead water testing plan, and then conduct the drinking water tests in the next five years. Schools must report the findings of their tests to parents in the school district. This recommended testing protocol stems from a few different water quality issues, including lead found in drinking water in various locations around the state.

Whatever the reason may be for the lead and toxins being discovered in Minnesota's schools, even the potential of the presence of something like lead in students' water supplies deserves our attention.  As the state of Minnesota enacts these new standards, and other states around the country do the same, water quality and filtration becomes a discussion not about convenience but about necessity.

You can read the whole story here.

National Remodeling Industry Recognizes Water Doctors with Top Award

Water Doctors is proud to have received the COTY Associate of the Year award from The National Association of the Remodeling Industry. 

The COTY Awards showcase the best projects of the area’s top talent in the remodeling industry. COTY Associate of the Year awards are presented to the one firm that exemplifies the highest standards in business conduct as judged by their peers and customers. 

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Pure Water: A Necessity Not a Luxury

Are You Blindly Trusting Your Faucet?

As you drink your water for the day, what are you thinking about? Is your mind focused on a list of the many things you have to do? Are you you getting ready to work out or run around town? Are you simply drinking water because Google tells you that you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses a day?

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How to Know if You Have Hard Water

How to Know If You Have Hard Water

The Minneapolis and St. Paul areas are known for having some of the hardest water in the country. Sometimes city treatment facilities do some work to alleviate the hardness in the water, but they only take the water so far. They're not equipped to deal with the water that's unique to your home. So if you have hard water, you need to find a soft water solution for your home.

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You're the Filter

We have a saying at our company. If someone doesn’t buy a filter, they’ll be a filter.

In other words, chemicals in water will eventually…always…be removed: At the tap or in the body.

A water treatment solution (like reverse osmosis) will remove the toxins or minerals from drinking water. If someone doesn’t have a water filtration system in place, their bodies do the work to filter out those toxins from their water. Within just seconds of taking a drink of water, our skin absorbs the chemicals present.

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What’s the best water filter?

What is the best water filter for your home or business?

That’s like asking the question, “How tall is a person?” or “How much does a house cost?”

It depends on the person, the house, the location; the surroundings. It depends on the exact details, because every detail makes a difference.

At Water Doctors, we have specialists from coast to coast who help homeowners and business owners diagnose and address their water issues.

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The Promise of Pure Water

Pure Water: A Promise We Make

Whether it’s water treatment for a home or a business…
Whether installing a complex full-house water system or a basic filter at your kitchen sink…
Whether it’s to improve metallic water’s taste or tap water’s toxicity…
No matter your water treatment needs, Water Doctors makes a promise to every single person we serve.

That promise? Purity. 

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Santa Rosa, California - Contaminated Water from Last Year's Fires

Residents of Santa Rosa, California, many of whom lost their homes in the fires of October 2017, are finding that the devastation continues long after the final embers have been extinguished. The city's water system has been signficantly contaminated by benzene, a known cause of leukemia. And the only feasible resolution looks to be at least two years out. 

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Remember, if you're not going to buy a filter, your body will be a filter for the water you drink, bathe in, and cook with.

At Water Doctors, we offer the promise of pure water. Have your water tested to see what toxins are present. 

Lake Elmo's Water Troubles Continue

Lake Elmo's water supply has been dealt another blow after state health department officials detected high levels of an industrial chemicals known as PFCs. It led them to shut down a water tower as well as a municipal well. You can read the Star Tribune's full article here

Remember, your water will be filtered in one of two places: at the tap or in your body. Water Doctors can engineer a water treatment solution specific to your water. 

Good Water and a Good Partnership

At Water Doctors, we believe that good water should be a given. It’s because of this belief that we have engineers who are constantly and innovatively resolving water quality issues. They are finding ways to filter and soften a home’s specific water condition...and they are doing it without making water treatment a pipe dream or a daunting financial commitment. 

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Pink Stains in Your Tub

Have you noticed your toilet or bathtub turning pink? It can seem like a never-ending job to keep them clean and the majority of us aren’t entirely sure what to do about it. 

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BATC Award Winners

Each year, one Builder, one Remodeler and one Associate member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities earns these most prestigious awards that recognize trust, communication, loyalty and ethics in business dealings between them and the other BATC members with whom they work. 

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Iron Clad: West Metro Citizens Dealing With Metallic Water

Discolored water in the west metro area has local residents wondering what they can do to avoid yellow stains and repulsive smells.

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Spring Cleaning With Soft Water

With the first official day of spring behind us, the time for spring cleaning is creeping closer.

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Problem Water: E. Coli

E. coli is a notoriously deadly bacterium, find out what Minnesotans should know about it.

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Knock Off the Knock Offs

Find out what Water Doctors is doing to protect our customers from unscrupulous con artists.

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5 Money Saving Water Tips

Dollar signs flowing from a golden faucet

Water Doctors presents five simple ways for homeowners to cut back on their monthly water and energy bills.

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BATC Awards of Excellence

Water Doctors Co-Founders Bob and Laurie Hoey on the red carpet at the BATC Awards of Excellence Gala

Water Doctors was on the red carpet after being nominated at the BATC Awards of Excellence Gala last week.

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Water Foul: 4 Things That Make Your Water Stink

An old man in suspenders holds his nose in disgust

Find out what what's causing those fumes in your water, and how you can get rid of them!

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Water Doctors Partner Recognized by Forbes

The logo of Water Doctors innovative partner, Forbes

Water Doctors partner, Pentair, is named to Forbes Top 100 World's Most Innovative Companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

graphic art of a question mark made from a water bubble

Answers to questions we get most often!

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Sips of Summer

Two pairs of legs dangling off of a dock above a lake during a summer sunset

As temperatures rise in the mid summer months, Minnesotans know every trick in the book to keep cool, stay comfortable, and perhaps even enjoy the humid air and heat that impresses even the warmest of southern states.

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Problem Water: Acidity

an acid stain devouring a solid object

Those of us who can remember our middle school science classes may be confused by this headline.

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Water Doctors In The News!

Water Doctors Water Quality Analysts Bob Hoey and Bob Yonke at a recent event together

Water Doctors was featured in a recent edition of the Builders Club Newspaper! Download the PDF below to read the full article and maybe learn something new about your favorite Water Treatment Company.

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Five Features Your New Water Softener Must Have

Graphic art with a man marking a series of yes or no checkboxes

A new water softener is an important purchase. Don't buy one without doing the proper research.

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Problem Water: Pesticides

A plane spraying pesticides over a field of crops

Crop dusting can have hidden costs for people who don't carefully test and purify their water. 

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Acid Rain: What Causes It And What We Can Do

Water droplets on a green leaf

The term acid rain evokes images of dissolving vegetation and wildlife, burning skin, and a hazy, destructive atmosphere.

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Problem Water: Mercury

A thermometer, which uses mercury to gauge the temperature

Despite what your eyes may be telling you, the calendar says that it’s spring. Once the weather begins to cooperate, many of us will be looking to spend some time out on the lake, with a fishing rod in one hand and a cold brew in the other.

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Drinking Water Filters: What You Need To Know

A Carbon filter set and water pitcher

Consumers looking to invest in a high-quality, efficient water filter are faced with dozens of choices, all promising great tasting H20 and ease of use.

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Problem Water: Sodium

a salt shaker which has been tipped over to spill its contents of table salt

Midwesterners who visit America’s beautiful ocean coasts are met with an unpleasant surprise upon squeezing into a bathing suit and going for a swim: salt water.

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Problem Water: Legionnaires' disease

Highly magnified image of the bacteria Legionnella, which is responsible for Legionnaires' disease

In July 1976 hundreds of American veterans gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to celebrate the American Bicentennial.  Within days, these heroes began complaining of muscle pains, fatigue, and chills.

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The Five Most Common Water Treatment Myths

Clear water being poured from a plastic bottle into a glass

As water service professionals, we hear a number of oft-repeated fallacies that don’t hold up upon closer inspection.  What follows are the most common inaccuracies we hear, and the truth behind them.

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Problem Water: Iron

Rusty plumbing pipes which could be leaking dissolved iron into the water supply of a home

An in-depth look at how iron gets into the water in your home, the problems it causes once it’s there, and what you can do about it.

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Water Doctors Chosen As New Builders Club Vendor

The logo of Builders Club

The prestigious Builders Club, which works with home builders and remodelers across more than a dozen states and the District of Columbia, has selected Water Doctors Water Treatment Company as one of its featured water vendors.

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Five Water Related New Year’s Resolutions

Fireworks in a night sky in celebration of the new year

In keeping with a time-honored tradition, Water Doctors presents a list of water-related resolutions that everyone would do well to strive for.

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Problem Water: Magnesium

Solid bars of pure magnesium, one of the two main minerals responsible for hard water

Water can have all sorts of different chemicals and contaminants that cause illness and other issues.  

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Water Doctors Naughty and Nice List

A Christmas ornament hanging from a tree

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.  The Upper Midwest got blasted this weekend with nearly 10 inches of snow, and now seems like an appropriate time to turn our attention to the upcoming holiday season.

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Frightening in a Bottle

Rows on rows of wasteful plastic bottles

Why America's infatuation with bottled water isn't as healthy as you might think

Americans love their bottled water, and it's easy to see why. Water is calorie free; it's the original diet drink. It also provides numerous health benefits such as flushing the toxins out of your system.  

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Water Doctors Water Treatment's New Mission

A group of people collectively holding a sign reading "mission statement"

There comes a time in the maturation of every company that it needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask itself a few vitally important questions:

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Five Reasons to be Thankful

A family holding hands in prayer around a Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite time of the year.

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Reverse Osmosis

A young woman laying on a dock cups a handful of lake water

Why the purest water available is the only choice for your family

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about the water you are drinking.  You bought a water softener.  That should be good enough, right? 

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The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Drinking Water for Survivors

A plastic milk jug being filled up from a streetside fire hydrant

When a natural disaster strikes, the impact is immediate.  Lives are lost, homes are destroyed and landscapes are shifted.  Scars, both physical and emotional ones, remain across affected areas long after the damage is inflicted.  Our nation received a cold reminder of the brutal disposition of Mother Nature at her worst when Hurricane Sandy tore into the East Coast last month. 

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