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Water Doctors best reverse osmosis system with three filters, the reverse osmosis membrane, and a five gallon storage tank

Water Doctors Reverse Osmosis System combines a three stage filter system with a high tech membrane to provide you with 99.99% pure water.

Pro-4000 Reverse Osmosis

Trojan UV Max

Water Doctors Ultraviolet purification system with two bright blue filter cartridges and a silver UV chamber

This state of the art purifying technology uses Ultraviolet energy to sterilize and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

Ultraviolet Purifier


Water Doctors three stage reverse osmosis system with a silver faucet and five gallon storage tank

This three stage Reverse Osmosis System eliminates taste, odor, and heavy metals from your drinking water, along with 95% of total impurities.

SMP-3000 Reverse Osmosis

Water Doctors Hub

Water Doctors hub purification system with five cartridges each prepared to attach to different water systems in the home

Deliver purified water to your Ice Machines, Coffee Makers, and Water Stations all from this centrally located Water Hub.

Water Doctors Hub Purifier


The carbon filter cartridges for the Pro-2000 from Water Doctors

A dual filter system designed to remove impurities like dirt and sand from your water at an annual expense of just $44.

Pro-2000 Carbon Purifier


Three goose neck water purifier faucets in silver, brush nickel, and copper

With a wide range of colors, styles, and options, Water Doctors guarantees we can provide the right faucet for any situation.

Purifier Faucets